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How To Install HeadToToe

  • iOS (Check out the Video below for a detailed explanation) :

    1. Click on the logo of your institution

    2. Choose your SWITCH institution (UNIGE or HUG)

    3. Connect using your UNIGE or HUG (Initials and PIN code) credentials

    4. HUG employees please use link for "Collaborateurs HUG", Students Please use link "Étudiants en médecine

    5. Click on iOS "Télécharger Head To Toe" and Click Install - App will install on the Background

    6. When the app finished installing you will need to authorise the developper certificate 

    7. To do that go to Settings -> General -> Profiles -> University of Geneva -> Authorise

    8. You are done

  • Android :

    1. Same thing as for iOS just choose the Android Link and follow instructions  


CoVid-19 : All CoVid related material is updated daily in collaboration with the Medical direction and the CoVid-19 Guidelines team


Information is updated automatically every time you open the app, or use pull-to-refresh (iOS)


WHAT'S NEW ? (V 3.3) 26.05.2020

  • Fixed crashing issue when entering side menu

WHAT'S NEW? (V 3.2) 25.11.2019

  • Fixed OFFLINE MODE, you can now use again all your downloaded files offline

  • Updated terms of use

  • General improvements 



  • I am not able to watch the videos on the app​​

    • Videos are only available while connected to the EDUROAM or UNIGE WiFi network or with the VPN of UNIGE

    • This is due to copyright matters

  • Can I download HeadToToe on the App Store or GooglePlay ?

    • No, HeadToToe is only available for internal distribution for the employees of HUG ​and for the medical students of Unige

    • The reason is copyrights of the app's content